Pet Services

Small Animal Hospital Services

5172The veterinarians at All Cypress Veterinary Hospital provide a full range of soft tissue surgeries from spays and neuters to more advanced procedures. Our veterinarians are trained in state-of-the-art surgical techniques should your pet require a surgical procedure. We use the latest surgical monitoring equipment to monitor your pet’s heart rate and vital sign to better determine how well your pet is responding to treatment during surgical procedures. Our doctors perform surgeries using the latest advances in anesthesia providing increased comfort for your pet’s post operative recuperation including comprehensive pain management. Our fully equipped laboratory allows advanced diagnostics such as electrolytes,blood chemistry,and CBC testing to help us determine the best treatment plan for your pet’s medical condition. Results can be shared with you within minutes to determine treatment options available for your pet’s health care needs.

3837Radiographs(x-rays) help our doctors evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal,reproductive and urinary systems. Our digital radiology equipment ensures your pet has minimal exposure to radiation as well as clear quality films. Within minutes we can have your pet’s x-rays taken and ready for interpretation by our doctors. Preventive care is a big part of our practice philosophy. Not only do we want to treat your sick pets but we also want to show you how to help them live long happy lives. Physical examination is performed to detect signs of illness before they become severe. Prevention of disease and degenerative problems can add many healthy and happy years to your pet’s life. At All Cypress Veterinary Hospital, we offer a complete range of veterinary services comprising physical examinations, routine vaccinations, microchip placement, various treatment options for sick or injured pets, and veterinary dental procedures including both cleaning, polishing and extractions.