Pet Nutrition

Nutrition Is Important To Your Pet’s Health

Backed by the most extensive Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition, Hill’s delivers the highest quality pet food products that meet a diverse spectrum of unique needs. We firmly believe that the right pet nutrition is vital to pets’ living long, healthy lives. Our research, directed from the Global Pet Nutrition Center, helps make Hill’s the global leader in nutritional health care for companion animals, allowing us to provide the right formulas for precisely balanced nutrition that meets the wellness and therapeutic needs of pets worldwide.

Research results are published at the conclusion of the clinical study, providing compelling evidence of the efficacy of our foods for veterinarians and pet owners alike. An example of such research published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association was a double-blind, controlled clinical study of 45 cats with stages 2 and 3 chronic kidney disease. During the two-year duration of the study, none of the cats fed Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Feline had a uremic crisis, compared to 26% of cats fed the control food. Results clearly show that Prescription Diet k/d Feline significantly extends life expectancy and greatly improves the quality of life for cats suffering from this common disease.

With our long-term investment in nutrition technology and state-of-the-art research, we provide what every pet deserves – the highest quality nutrition. We continuously look for ways to improve the effectiveness of our products and are proud to be the first pet food company to apply the concept of Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition to the development of pet food.

Consistent with Evidence-Based Medicine used by physicians in human practice, Hill’s performs randomized, blinded and controlled clinical feeding studies. These scientific studies demonstrate the benefits of the medical and nutritional research conducted every day at the Hill’s Global Pet Nutrition Center.

The best clinical decisions are made when high-quality research evidence, clinical expertise and patient values intertwine. Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition starts with extensive nutritional research. These in-depth studies ensure that our products will provide real benefits to pets and meet the highest standards of quality and excellence expected by our customers.

An essential component of Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition is the clinical trial. During these trials, our products are tested by veterinarians using real patients in blinded, randomized feeding studies. Veterinarians use their clinical skills and experience to help identify each patient’s unique health condition and diagnose it properly. Then they evaluate and document the benefits of nutrition during the course of the study.

By performing its own research, Hill’s develops cat and dog foods that promote pet wellness by delivering precise nutrition. Precisely balanced nutrition reduces the health risks to pets that can occur from excess or deficient nutrient levels.

Precisely Balanced: The Right Nutrients in the Right Quantities

While Hill’s pet foods contain high-quality ingredients, our research proves that it’s the proper balance of 50 nutrients supplied by those ingredients that is the key to optimal health for pets. Guided by our evidenced-based research, Hill’s formulated its foods with a precise balance of these nutrients to meet the specific needs of pets associated with their life-stage, size or special needs.

The dangers of excessive or deficient nutrient intake:

Many pet foods are labeled ‘complete’, meaning that a food should provide enough of every nutrient for a pet to live on without the need for supplements. But not all ‘complete’ pet foods are precisely balanced for optimal health or guided by clinically-proven nutritional research. Too much or too little of certain nutrients can impact the health and wellbeing of pets. In fact, a wide range of common disease conditions can be made worse or even caused by consistently feeding a diet with an incorrect balance of nutrients.

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