Jan 01 2020

2020 Clinic Specials

JANUARY: Slim Down from Holiday Treats – 5% off all Weight Loss Products

FEBRUARY: Protect Your Heart – 5% off Heartworm Preventatives

MARCH: Flea & Tick Awareness – 5% off Flea and Tick Preventatives

APRIL: Spring Into Health – 5% off Wellness Package

MAY: Stop The Itch – 5% off Allergy Testing and Products

JUNE: Bring Your Pet Home – $5 off Microchips

JULY: Coolest Pet – $5 off Spa Day

AUGUST: Happy Paw-liday – 5% off Boarding

EQUINE: Free Coggins with Complete Vaccinations in August and September

SEPTEMBER: Who Gives a Moo? – $50 In-house Cattle-Herd Management Consultation

OCTOBER: Show Us Your Teeth – 10% off Pet’s Dental Needs (Includes Equine Floats)

NOVEMBER: Respecting the Elders – 5% off Senior Wellness Screening for Pets Over 7 Years Old

DECEMBER: Celebrating the Holidays – Every client coming in gets a present
2020 Specials Flyer

Daily Specials

Tuesdays and Thursdays are Senior Citizens Days! Tuesdays and Thursdays is Senior Citizens Day! Customers 60 and over receive 10% off all services.

No Hump Day Wednesday Save 10% Off Spay/Neuter Services the First Wednesday of Every Month!
Protect Your Chompers 10% off Dentals within 30 days of Complete Annual.

General Specials

Free Spa Day Referral Special The highest compliment you can pay us is to recommend us to your family and friends. We would like to thank you by giving you a FREE SPA DAY when a new family member or friend brings in their pet for the first time.

Military Discount Everyday 10% off all services for Military Personnel

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